A life before the series of tubes and cellphones


I was in Target yesterday and was speaking to my favorite cashier about the internet and cellphones for I was getting a dozen and one text from friends and was becoming rather annoying. So much in fact I decided to turn myself phone off. However this conundrum got me thinking. What did people do before cellphones and computers and the internet. Do you remember beepers?! You got paged then had to find a phone to call back whoever paged you! The simple answer; we saw people more often. We didn’t call people and ask about their days. We actually went over their homes and hung out and conversed. We didn’t pick up a phone and text “hey you want to go out tonight” sure that was fine to do from a home phone but if you weren’t home you weren’t getting in touch with people. I remember hanging out with my friends till 9 at night then heading home after we had run out of things to say.

At this point I need to digress for a moment for recently I was refered to as needy for want to talk to someone, who shall remain nameless, on the phone too much. Is it such a horrible thing to want to converse with people. I will admit I was a bit excentric in my efforts to talk sometimes but wanting to talk to people should be seen as a positive trait. It shows you are not a wall flower, you have social skills! Also, might I add I am a Gemini and we very my like to communicate, it is in our nature. However, as I said, I digress but is being communicative such a bad trait?!

Alright, back to the cellphones and technical stuff. Another medium i miss is letter writing and receiving invitations. The last  “snail mail” invitation i received was that of a wedding invitation from a friend. Now a days everything is sent VIA facebook and god forbid you don’t log on for a week who knows what you missed out on. This is when a phone call is in order since no one picks up a pen and paper anymore and sends out invitations to events. I mean we can have entire conversations without ever hearing another individuals voice. Well, all I can say is I miss writing letters and I still do at times but technology has changed the world and I guess we all need to keep up with it I just wonder what Edison would think of all this..maybe someday if we ever invent a time machine and ask.


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